Our mission at Moss is to guide our business partners to find solutions that accomplish their goals.

Does your organization need a creative, efficient, effective audio video solution? Our experienced engineers can deliver practical solutions that will ensure that your message will be crisp and confident. And because we handle all telecom, network, and wiring challenges, you can be assured that the entire solution we create for your organization will be integrated to work together from the ground up.

Presentation and Collaboration

If your presentation and your audience must always be on the same page, trust us to design a collaboration system for you. We take the time to discover your unique requirements and build a complete system just for your organization, designed for maximum audio and video clarity and ease of use. With our added experience in telephony and networks, we'll make sure it's running in sync with all your systems. 

Audio Systems

Moss can design an audio system that reaches out and grabs your audience's attention. Tired of talking louder or repeating yourself? Our engineers will ensure that your entire audience will  hear everything everywhere the first time you say it.

Video Systems

Moss can deliver crystal-clear video that will hold your audience’s attention whenever and wherever you need it. From an auditorium-sized display to a webcast, we can deliver a maximum signal strength that reaches every monitor, projector, or television. Our team’s focus is delivering the best visual tools to bring any event, presentation, conference, or classroom to life.

Interactive Systems

Face-to-face meetings can be impractical, inconvenient, or expensive. Adding a high-definition conferencing system right in your office will save time and money and increase productivity for your organization. 

For more information about an audio video solution that meets your needs, contact us. We offer our services to customers throughout Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Muskegon, Holland, Traverse City and also South Bend, Indiana. 

What Moss Provides

Multimedia Presentations

Voice Lift Systems
Live Meeting Spaces
Projectors and Displays
Virtual Meetings and Presentations
Auditoriums and Theaters


Audio/Video Conferencing

Video Teaching Systems
On-line Training
On-line Annotation
Distance Learning
Record, Playback and Streaming
Training and Conference Rooms

Classroom Teaching Systems

Interactive Teaching
Building-Wide and Local Control Systems
Voice and Audio Enhancement
Presentation Furniture
Projection and Flat-panel Video Systems
Interactive Learning
Large Venue Spaces
Administration and School Board Conference Rooms
Digital Signage

Please check out more information on Moss solutions for Network environments and Cabling.

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