Keep an eye, and ear, on your facility or fleet around the clock with our comprehensive security solutions. At Moss, our goal extends beyond providing high quality security products to seamlessly integrating these products within networks and creating custom, flexible, secure systems. We work closely with our partner manufacturers in offering a wide variety of security solutions, including access control systems, video and audio surveillance, visitor management, and emergency notification.

These solutions are open platform and non-proprietary and can be used and scaled in almost any environment and extend as needed. By installing products that connect and communicate with open platforms, we transform vulnerable buildings into smart, safeguarded environments, protecting public spaces such as airports, public transport, universities, and city surveillance, among others.


Our security cameras and recording technology are available for every setting from general outdoors to highly sensitive environments. All cameras we offer provide excellent image quality regardless of environment or lighting conditions. They also minimize bandwidth usage and require less storage space.

Access Control

This technology allows users to control exactly who has access to which parts of the physical premises and when. You can screen visitors remotely and monitor who is on site, altering access based on an established schedule or changing needs in real time. Our trackable, cloud-empowered Intelligent Key solution makes the overwhelming and cumbersome multiple brass key rings a thing of the past. These access control solutions are open source, allowing you to purchase and utilize the hardware and software of your choice and integrate them with other systems, including surveillance.

Fleet Management

Our state-of-the-art vehicle information system gives transportation management supervisors as well as commuters and their families peace of mind by always sharing precise locations. These robust fleet tracking solutions help promote safe, responsible transportation while offering benefits of real-time comprehensive data, boosted productivity, lower fuel and maintenance costs, and support for best-in-class ETAs, due in part to strategizing the most efficient routes partnered with safe driving.

Video Management Software

Surveillance software can be used to complement other hardware, including network cameras, video encoders, and access control products. Have you taken the time to try to find a person of interest that might have been captured on film? Skip searching frame by frame and allow the management software to locate in minutes what used to take your staff hours to find.


Enhance your surveillance system with speakers and microphones for two-way, long-range audio communication. Using audio, your cameras can deter violence and theft, and minimize vandalism using remote live or pre-recorded directives that are automatically triggered by movement or a loitering time limit alert. Messages can be sent both through the speaker to a potential intruder and to staff to check on the area, if needed.

Cyber Security

Partner with us to mitigate risks and fight the threat of cyber crime. Moss is prepared to support and help you plan a strong defense, including security management, vulnerability management, and collaboration to find specific solutions for specific threats.

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