Excellence in Education: Schools, Technology, and Safety in 2020

Education in the age of coronavirus is an enormous challenge for schools and universities. Teachers and administrators must effectively deliver education with significant modifications this school year. How do they teach their students and do their part to limit the spread of COVID-19 in their communities? 


An important part of that question is being solved by technology. Technology, and how we use it to both assist and protect people, is the centerpiece of the 2020/2021 school year. Your school  can meet its educational goals and become more flexible and able to confidently hurdle any additional challenges this year may present. 

Concerns about the current learning environment persist:

How can people connect without regular student assemblies, staff meetings, and parent-teacher conferences?

Moss specializes in enhancing communication with technology. We can facilitate meetings, forums, or any kind of person-to-person gathering using:

  • Web/social
  • Broadcast texting to staff/families
  • Video conferencing 
  • Paging/mass notification

These solutions, used alone or in combination, make it possible for people to share information, debate ideas, send urgent alerts, and interact with each other even when geographically distant. 

How do we ensure effective learning continues with the new emphasis on safety for students, staff, and families? 

Many schools are choosing to continue remote learning or utilize remote learning combined with in-person instruction. Most schools already depend on technology in the classroom environment. Moss has installed audio video solutions for school districts throughout Michigan, and teachers have incorporated it into their lesson planning. To meet the challenges of COVID-19 online “classrooms,” we can add video conferencing and webinar hosting to the menu of options for schools. We can create WiFi hotspots for added support too. 

Installing security cameras can help ensure the safety of the school environment in a variety of ways. We have the ability to track and report the whereabouts of everyone in the organization, following safety protocols for working in education and healthcare facilities. This includes: 

Schools do not have to rely on guesswork or the honor system to make certain that students and teachers are where they should be and are following school guidelines for their health and safety.

Essential Actions and Protocols for Safety in 2020

The State of Michigan is currently in Phase 4 of Governor Whitmer’s 6-phase plan to reopen the state. The guidelines for MI Safe Start under Phase 4 include conducting ongoing surveillance, executing a series of active mitigation measures, and implementing social distancing measures. Short-term dismissals and suspension of extracurricular activities are expected. In-person instruction is permitted with required safety protocols. 

Michigan wants the focus to be on: 

✓ Safety Protocols 

✓ Mental and Social-Emotional Well-being 

✓ Instruction 

✓ Operations

If your school or university is struggling with meeting conflicting goals of teaching and following COVID-19 safety guidelines, Moss can help. We offer on-site or virtual consultations for district-need assessment and project planning. We can discuss and then implement the solutions your school environment needs. Our managed services staff will see that they work seamlessly for you throughout the school year. 

Contact Moss today. We will help you maximize how you use technology to meet the challenges of your learning community in 2020 and beyond.