Moss Helps Transform TCF Center into Coronavirus Field Hospital

TCF CenterThe COVID-19 epidemic has spread throughout Metro Detroit, infecting tens of thousands of people and putting stress on the ability of area hospitals to treat them. In response, FEMA, the Army Corps of Engineers, Michigan National Guard members, and a large coalition of companies have successfully repurposed the TCF Center in downtown Detroit to accept patients with coronavirus. Moss is proud to have been part of that effort. 

TCF Center Transformation 

Turning the TCF Center, formerly known as the Cobo Center, into an overflow field hospital designed to help epidemic victims recover was an enormous undertaking. The convention center’s formerly open spaces now hold 1,000 beds on two different floors. They are accepting patients who are not critically ill and do not need a ventilator but have been hospitalized for at least 48 hours at another hospital in southeast Michigan. 

FEMA intends to keep this new field hospital open until the coronavirus epidemic, including a possible second wave, has receded and the hospitals in the area are no longer overwhelmed caring for patients. It’s expected to be in service for the remainder of 2020. 

Moss was brought in as a team member in this collaboration to make sure that the field hospital’s network was equipped to handle its mission. TCF Center sought to replicate the existing network infrastructure that supports the facility to provide a secure network for the medical team’s equipment. This involved network switches and optics to support the nursing stations. Moss helped TCF obtain the necessary hardware and its delivery within a very tight schedule. Moss also provided programming and configuration services on the new network after the contractors had placed the equipment throughout the field hospital.

During this epidemic the healthcare sector has had to be dynamic to respond to patient needs while still ensuring the safety of staff and the general public. That’s a tough order, so they need their technology to work smoothly and efficiently and not create further problems when they are doing their jobs.

Moss is experienced at identifying current or potential problems and providing technological solutions to those problems. Our job is to make technology work, and we are proud to have lent our experienced engineers to this outstanding team who worked so hard to help Detroit fight the coronavirus.