Ultra High Definition

The emergence of high-definition is arguably the biggest change to television since color. Originally priced beyond the reach of most consumers, today’s HD displays are affordable and omnipresent. But manufacturers have not been content to rest on their laurels. Ultra HD (UHD), or 4K, is the next big thing – using four times as many pixels to offer superior picture clarity that enables viewers to completely immerse themselves in the experience. FIFA’s World Cup was the first major event broadcast in 4K, and this allowed for a substantially better experience for people around the world. The only hitch? You need 4k-capable hardware to receive these benefits.

No problem. Crestron, a longtime Moss partner, has been busy developing capable hardware for the big shift to 4K technologies.

Moss and Crestron: Early Adopters of Emerging Technologies

Crestron showed their commitment to 4K hardware early enough that they actually had to manufacture their own testing equipment. Their DigitalMedia Presentation System 150 — just one example of Crestron’s advanced 4K hardware — features the latest HDMI and DigitalMedia technologies and HDBaseT certification. And thanks to built-in auto-configuration software, it requires no programming. The device can be mounted under a conference table or in an equipment rack, making it a perfect solution for nearly any environment looking to enable 4K.

For more information about the shift to 4K-capable technologies, including Crestron presentation systems, just email the A/V experts at Moss: audiosolutions@mosstele.com or call 616-451-9933.