Students have access to an incredible set of tools in today’s modern classroom. Enabling and encouraging the use of technology allows students to become familiar with technology, while also increasing their productivity. Classrooms are more connected than ever before with more affordable hardware, advancements in educational software, and always-expanding internet resources. Devices are also evolving each and every day, and the education sector is beginning to embrace these new devices on a massive scale.

Chromebook is Google’s vision for an affordable laptop running their own web-based operating system. The laptops are offered in various models and start at only $249. Google claims this pricing model allows schools to save about $5,200 per device over three years. Chromebooks are deployed and managed by a simple online console that allows IT departments to manage user access, block apps, customize user features, and create user groups. Their affordability and ease of use has left the current K-12 market leader, Microsoft, scrambling to defend themselves. Google went from under 1% to a little over 21% in just a few years, but Chromebooks aren’t the only new device entering the classroom.

Tablets have exploded in popularity since the release of the first modern tablet in 2010: Apple’s iPad. Their portability and ease of use have made them another popular device for schools to adopt for their students. Apple appears to be the only real player in the education sector; they currently hold 95% of the educational tablet market. The iOS ecosystem is well renowned for having superior app selection, and its custom iBooks Author software is one app that stands out from the rest. This application allows teachers and publishers to create custom, interactive, and updateable iBooks for the classroom.

School districts across the country are testing and deploying new devices to their students with great response. The average school a decade ago contained nowhere near the amount of computing devices found across most of today’s schools, and the ones they did have were no where near as capable. Today, devices are undoubtingly changing the way teachers run their classroom, but there isn’t a unanimous decision as to what the must-have device is yet. Let us know your thoughts on our social media pages: Google’s Chromebook or Apple’s iPad?