Cabling is the transportation vehicle for all of your enterprise data and communications. A poorly designed, carelessly installed, or out-of-date cabling system can stand in the way of your productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. Or even worse, it can bring your entire operation to a standstill.

With more than three decades of experience engineering, connecting and servicing manufacturer-certified systems, MOSS understands the voice and data equipment that uses the wiring as its lifeblood. Our expertise will help you avoid costly design flaws and engineering mistakes before the project begins, not afterwards, when your business is at stake. Our installations are standards-based, identifiable, and thoroughly tested to perform as well next year as they do today.

Structured Cabling

“Structured” cabling systems are defined by established standards and installation procedures. They are designed to ensure that all standards-based voice and data equipment from all manufacturers operates properly on this physical layer. These standards allow a building’s communication systems to be reliably cabled without the architect knowing the exact brand of equipment being used. The American standard has continued to evolve since it was first implemented in 1991. From EIA/TIA 568A and 568B, to the recently published 568-C.0, 568-C.1, 568-C.2, and 568-C.3, MOSS has been there every step of the way.

Manufacturers who design structured cabling systems to these exact standards have expressed their confidence in them by offering multi-year application assurance for “certified” systems. A Certified Structured Cabling System from MOSS can give you the confidence that everything has been installed correctly by trained and certified installers, properly tested to the standard, and ready for your equipment. We’ll even deliver the application assurance warranty certificate for each system, along with peace of mind that even the things you can’t see are working correctly.

Our team of Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) works directly with you to design and build a complete cabling system designed specifically for your organization. MOSS is certified in:

CommScope, Systimax and Uniprise Solutions
Panduit PAN-Net Network Cabling System
Hubbell Premise Wiring

Fiber-optic Networks

With much higher bandwidth and longer transmission distance capabilities than copper cable, fiber-optic cabling enhances every aspect of your business communication. Fiber also forms the foundation of any local area network (LAN). A LAN backbone between communication closets utilizes fiber because of its long-distance capabilities, faster speeds, and greater bandwidth (data transfer) rates. 10-gigabit connectivity is becoming the norm in LAN backbone designs.  As the increased usage of video streaming and large file transfers continue to grow, the entire network can slow down if copper backbones are in use. Fiber to the desktop, if designed properly, can also be a cost-effective solution.

In addition to being resistant to tapping and electrical interference, outdoor rated fiber delivers 100-gigabit speeds and can be installed in parallel to existing power/utility lines for remote-location access.

MOSS’ experienced engineers and certified fiber optic technicians have many years of experience designing, installing and testing fiber optic networks.  If it is fusion splicing that you need, Moss’ technicians can handle that as well utilizing the latest in fusion equipment. They’ll help you navigate the intricacies of fiber optics to develop a long-term, reliable network that is perfect for your needs.

Specialty Wiring

MOSS’ three decades of cabling experience makes us your perfect resource for any specialty wiring project. From paging systems and video transmission to access control and beyond, our engineers have successfully handled it all. They also stay on the leading edge of new technology and can tackle virtually any wiring challenge. In fact, the more complicated the problem, the happier they are.

For more information on MOSS cabling solutions, email or call 616-451-9933.

What We Provide

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fusion Slicing
Fiber Optic Termination, Testing and Troubleshooting
Fiber Backbone Distribution
OTDR Testing
Systems Installation and Design

Structured Cabling

Manufacturer-Certified Systems
Category 5e/6/6A Cabling
Certification Testing and Documentation
Wireless Access Point Cabling & Installation
Fire Stop Systems
Jacks, Patch Panels, Equipment Racks & Cabinets

Design / Build Services

In-house CAD Services
BISCI RCDD Certified Design Services
BICSI Certified Installation Services
RFP / Specification Development

Outside Plant (OSP) Construction

Copper and Fiber Optic Installation
Aerial, Burial, and Direct Boring Services
Buried Cable Locating Services
Design Services

Data Center Systems

Equipment Racks and Cabinets
Cable Tray and Ladder Rack
Plug and Play Fiber and Copper Systems
Environmental Monitoring Systems
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Asbestos Training and Awareness
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Project Progress Coordination
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