The best audio and video systems are the result of creative, efficient designs from experienced engineers. MOSS delivers practical solutions that not only ensure that your message will be crisp and confident, but also that the equipment will actually complement your space and be simple to operate. And because we handle all telecom, network and wiring challenges, you can be assured that the entire solution is integrated to work together from the ground up.

From the latest HD presentation or video-conferencing systems to interactive classroom/training systems, MOSS has designed audio and video systems for over three decades that are efficient and intuitive. Whether we work with you directly as system designer, or consult with your architect, we always add value by bringing our knowledge and experience with the very latest advancements in AV technology and equipment. Our team of engineers, programmers, project managers, trainers and certified technicians will ensure your system is designed and installed properly. And finally, we’ll train your people to confidently use their new system so they can benefit from all its features.

Presentation and Collaboration Systems

Make sure that you, your presentation and your audience are always on the same page with a collaboration system from MOSS. Our experienced engineers take the time to discover your unique needs and build a complete system just for your organization, designed for maximum audio and video clarity and ease of use. With our added experience in telephony and networks, we’ll make sure it’s running in-sync with all your systems. We can even design a simple-to-use, intuitive control system that gives you total room control, with fool-proof, one-touch activation of your presentation.

Audio Systems

MOSS understands that every space has its own audio personality (after all, we began by designing high-end speakers). When it is important for everyone to hear everything everywhere, you can count on MOSS to design a state-of-the-art audio system that reaches out and grabs your audience’s attention. Our engineers (and their test instruments) will ensure that you’ll never have to repeat yourself again.

Video Systems

Whether you’re selling to your biggest client or updating students on the next pep rally, video quality is critical to your message. MOSS can deliver crystal-clear video that can hold their attention whenever you need it, wherever you need it. From an auditorium-sized display to a webcast, we can ensure that the maximum signal strength reaches every monitor, projector, or television.

Interactive Systems

Face-to-face meetings are a feature of business life, but traveling can be inconvenient and expensive. A high-definition conferencing system right in your office cuts your travel budget and makes your employees more productive. And because we’re also experts in network and cabling, you will always have all the proper connections to reliably get through your network, across campus, or around the world.

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